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Over the last several years, I have had the pleasure and privilege to both both an author and associate editor at 13Thirty Books. These are the anthologies that I both wrote for and edited. Enjoy.

Never Fear-Phobias

For those who like their stories on the darker side ...

19 Stories of phobia from New York Times bestselling master suspense authors F. Paul Wilson and Heather Graham with a "krewe" of dynamic award-winning storytellers.

My first story for the Never Fear series. I chose Thanataphobia: Fear of Death. It's about a guy with all the money in the world who doesn't want to die. So he decides to capture Death. Things don't go as planned.

Never Fear- Christmas Terrors

Twenty-Two Tales of Christmas Terror ranging from ancient Iceland to modern-day Iraq by New York Times Bestselling and award-winning authors, including: a new ghost story by Heather Graham, a Repairman Jack Christmas adventure by F. Paul Wilson, a spine tingling tale by master of horror Thomas F. Monteleone, and a special tale of Christmas wonder by Jon Land. 


"SECRET SATAN." My favorite story so far. A lot of fun to write and, I hope, to read. It asks  (and answers, I think) the question: "What do you get Satan for Christmas?" It was also published in an online magazine, Fabula Argentea. Check out their site:


Romantic Times: VEGAS Volume 2

The Excelsior Hotel and Casino. Built in Las Vegas in 1960 by mobster Louis “The Lip” LaFica. For decades the towering hotel has been the subject of incredible stories and rumors that have kept it in the public eye the world around.

Why have so many lovers been mysteriously, magically, magnetically drawn to this magnificent edifice?

Here's a five star review for my story, "Same Time, Next Year."

                      HUNTRESS  REVIEWS    Reviewed by Detra Fitch

"In 1971, at the Excelsior Hotel, Lennard King had entered the room of his estranged wife with a gun. He shot his wife and her lover before committing suicide. The wife survived. Every year, on the anniversary of the horrible event, she returns. Why?

***** FIVE STARS! This is my favorite story in this anthology. Similar stories have been written, but this one is well executed. I read it twice. *****"

Never Fear - The Tarot

13Thirty Books asked twenty-six authors to agree to write stories based on the Tarot, with the cards determining which stories the authors would write. 

Once we had our authors, we took a tarot deck and a list of all twenty-six names. We would read the author’s name, shuffle the deck, and draw a card. 

That tarot card and its traits were all the authors had to go on. 
 The card was removed, the deck was reshuffled, and the next name was read off.  This anthology contains twenty-six stories based on the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana and the four cards of the Minor Arcana. 


This was an adventure. I was assigned the Wheel of Fortune. I don't know very much about the Tarot, so I did some research and found a possible connection to Greek mythology. That was all it took. Throw in some Nazis, a mystical relic, and here you go.

Uncharted Worlds-Xeno Encounters

Uncharted Worlds—an exciting new speculative fiction series featuring bestselling and award-winning authors.

These ten mind-boggling adventures include tales of ancient aliens, other worlds, and imagined futures.


This was a book we wrote specifically for AlienCon in the fall of 2016. My story is about extraterrestrials at an old-age home and is called, appropriately, "Ancient Aliens." And no, it's nothing like  Cocoon.

Never Fear- The Apocalypse

Eighteen bestselling and award-winning authors have contributed their visions of the apocalypse. 
Classic sci-fi writer William F. Nolan adds to his canon with a tale from his futuristic Logan’s Run series. 

Creator of the popular Repairman Jack series, F. Paul Wilson presents his vision of a world where vampires have become the ruling race. 

Bestselling author Heather Graham serves up her apocalyptic nightmare. 
Horror master Tim Waggoner terrifies with a tale of the World After.

Is this the end of times? You decide.

My first post-apocalyptic story.  It's one of my favorite genres, and I knew I didn't want to do a zombie story.  I wanted to try something different. What would happen if people just... shut down? All brain activity just ceased. Like a switch going out.

My teen heroine (loosely based on my daughter) is going to find out.  

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